About Us

Vision Passion Greatness

TRUE LEADERSHIP. A leadership based on purpose, principles a passion for people and vision. Creating mastermind alliances to attain definite objectives. As we continue to *aspire to be more* we look to work with, businesses, communities, nonprofits and other entities to equip and empower, helping them attain their goals and objectives. By leveraging our human capital offering leadership trainings, marketing and connecting you with the necessary resources to help you succeed.

Aspire to be more is your friend

Your success is our success. We believe that we don’t only have a shared responsibility to leave this world a better place than we found it, but we should strive to attain our social contributions with excellence.

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Our Mission


If your mind can conceive it and your heart can believe it, then you shall have it.


There is no passion in playing small, aspire to be more.

A mastermind alliance

Is made up of people who are committed to helping each other achieve success in harmony.

Our Philosophy

Our Capabilities

Capacity Building 90%
Branding & Identity 85%
Project Management 80%
Leadership 90%
Vision 90%

Our Team

  • Team Member

    Patrick Ogwang

    "I traveled with only $100, a briefcase full of hope and I had no home to go" That's the storyline of Patrick Ogwang a then passionate young immigrant from Africa in pursuit of the American dream. Patrick Ogwang is a community leader. The founder and CEO of Umoja investments. A mastermind alliance that focuses on real estate investments in Africa and the US. His vision is to restore hope and to inspire mankind to be more. Patrick is a gifted speaker with a passion for people, on a mission to fulfill his purpose in Life.
  • Team Member

    Petra Otee MANGESHO

    I will come for all of you, Amen… were words promised daily by a young, orphaned girl in Uganda. That one orphaned girl became the driving force behind the founding of Petra Kids Ministries (PKM), a 501-c (3) organization. Today, those words continue to work to restore hope and build dreams for 380 orphaned and impoverished children in Aduku- Uganda. Petra Otee Mangesho is the Founder and Executive Director of Petra Kids Ministries. By the grace of God, Petra is living out her promise to the children and the impoverished communities of Northern Uganda. She is a woman with impeccable character. She is a true leader who carries a timely transformational message of hope and restoration across the global stage.
  • Team Member

    Isaac R Ndaula

    A clear vision backed with definite plans gives one a tremendous feeling of confidence and power. Isaac Ndaula a graduate in Computer Engineering a founder and CEO of Unique Hi-tech solutions Ltd a company based in Uganda that deals with technology, engineering and research. His vision is to activate that greatness in humanity by inspiration, ministry and lifting young adults in social, economical, cultural through mentorship.